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On this page, I've recorded most of the discography changes along the way for the last several years. Before mid-1998, I didn't keep track of them. Generally, whole numbers indicate complete re-workings of the discography in design or layout. Decimals indicate the addition of one or more discography items. Letters indicate corrections or the addition of information to items already listed.


Version Date (if recorded) Changes
4.11a 6 March 2013 Removed link to Lauder's Evangeline Records as the site is now gone.
4.11 3 March 2013 Added Blind Cherry Red re-release CDTRED 501.
Added mention of white label 7" Australian promo of LIAWC BEG99.
Added mention of promo of "You Must Be Prepared to Dream" promo WAY3355.
Added MC catalog number for UK cassette of BEGC50.
Corrected MC catalog number for Canadian cassette of VOG4-1-3337
4.10a 2 March 2013 Tweaked Head Like a Rock Cherry Red re-release image.
4.10 2 March 2013 Added Head Like a Rock Cherry Red re-release CDBRED 552.
4.09 2 March 2013 Added Little Episodes album.
4.08 9 March 2011 Added preliminary data for Defeat Your Enemy and Small Price of a Bicycle 3CD reissues.
4.07 10 February 2011 Added catalog for Cherry Red Records Re-Release of Permanent Damage 2CD.
4.06a 11 October 2009 Added catalog and image for Japanese "Love is a Wonderful Colour" 7".
4.06 11 October 2009 Added "Let the Young Girl..." 7".
Added "Let the Young Girl..." cover image.
Added Ascending images.
Cleaned up and removed some minor links.
Cleaned up some formatting with HR tags.
4.05b 10 October 2009 Added comments about alternative versions of Ascending.
4.05a 10 October 2009 Added Canadian catalog no for "Love is a Wonderful Colour" single SOV 2343.
4.05 10 October 2009 Added People Don't Stop Believin' FairCD7
Added How We Live: At The Philharmonic
Added/clarified details to WAY 1633 promo.
4.04b 10 October 2009 Added mention of Download version of Gentleman Adventurer.
Created link to Townsend.
4.04a 10 October 2009 Added catalog number to Potency FairCD4
Corrected catalog number of US version of Live at Life
4.04 10 October 2009 Added/clarified details about bonus cassette given away with Canadian version of If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song, SAMPC 2.
(X)HTML corrections for (WCAG) accessibility recommendations
Added 'Let The Young Girl Do What She Wants' CD5
4.03a 9 October 2009 Added times to Great Things album
4.03 8 October 2009 Added Great Things album
4.02 8 October 2009 Added Before All Of This
Added cover image for Potency
4.01 7 October 2009 Added 3-Disc The Icicle Works reissue box set.
Added download only Lost Icicles
4.00a 7 October 2009 Removed dead links from McNabb Solo Discography.
4.00 29 September 2009 Updated look using CSS to go with move to No content changes.
3.08a 30 April 2005 Corrected broken links caused by move to new server. No content added. Deleted broken links to outside content.
3.08 2 Dec 2004 Finally added Potency 'best of' CD.
3.07c 3 Nov 2003 Updated Zak Starkey link for "That's why the darkness exists."
3.07b 30 May 2003 Corrected Alternative 80s V/A listing to reflect 2CD
3.06 17 Nov 2002 Added mention of Spanish "Evangeline" 7-inch
Added Spanish "Little Girl Lost" 7-inch
Added Spanish "Understanding Jane" 7-inch
Edited "Merseybeast" entry single for clarity.
3.05 20 Oct 2002 Added The Gentleman Adventurer CD
Added "Livin' Proof" Promo SANPR011
3.04 4 May 2002 Added Alternative 80's V/A CD
3.03 24 January 2002 Added Uncut Rolling Stones V/A CD
Edited Waifs & Strays with comment about U.S. release.
3.02 7 October 2001 (uploaded 12 Oct) Added Waifs & Strays
Corrected WAY 3199
3.01b 10 August 2001 Updated Rock the World V/A with Pickwick PWKS 4083
Added mention of German release of Truth and Beauty and HLAR
Added mention of WAY 1633 promo version
3.01 26 July 2001 Added graphics and links for The Icicle Works--Words and Music BMG promo cassette
Added link to Ian's quote on Blind album
3.00 23 July 2001 Completely re-worked page to match with new design.
Added graphics to Live-in World V/A
Added graphics to Time Between Imaginary Records version
Added graphics to Rock the World V/A
2.14d 3 July 2001 Corrected and clarified Canadian release of The Icicle Works LP
2.14c   Added graphic to Vox Class of 94 compilation.
Added catalog number for 21 Beggars compilation.
Corrected Al Crawford's links
2.14b   Corrected Indie Scene 85 entry
2.14   Added Indie Scene 85, UK Compilation
Added graphic to Vertigo Sampler
2.13d 11 May 2001 Corrected typo in Live at Lark Lane entry
Moved Peel Sessions [US] to entry for Evening Show EP
2.13c 10 May 2001 Added more details on Mersey Boys V/A album
2.13b   Added more info on Vertigo Sampler
2.13 19 March 2001 Added Mersey Boys and Liverpool Girls V/A disc
2.12 13 March 2001 Added Ian McNabb
2.11b 9 February 2001 Added mention of WAY 5211 test pressing.
Corrected some grammar.
Minor HTML links changes/additions.
2.11 7 February 2001 Added U.S. versions of Emotional Party and Live at Life
2.10b   Added Vertigo/Beggars Banquet SOVX 2343 [Canada] image
2.10   Added Fair CD2 entry and image
2.08   Corrected URL for Zak Starkey
Added ADP-9187 image and changed details
2.07   Added Pspyched Beggars V/A
Added Hang the DJ Rhino V/A
2.06b   Added Best of CD [US version]
Added The New Optimism V/A
Added WAY 1622, 12 Promo for "I Go My Own Way"
Added WAY 3622, Promo for "Go Into The Light"
Added several pics, including Fat Cat disc HLAR Promo, "I'm Game" Promo, and "Wonderful Colour" Picture disc
2.06   Added German catalog numbers on: "Love Is A Wonderful Colour," "Birds Fly," "Hollow Horse," "All the Daughters" 12-inch, Seven Singles Deep, Defeat Your Enemy
Updated several of the UK Work/Epic releases
Added Beat V/A
Added Cassette Rock of the 80s Priority V/A
2.05d   Added images for Byrds V/A and Defeat Your Enemy [U.S.] CD
2.05c   Added several links to reviews of McNabb recordings
Added Blind [U.S.] Promo Cassette
2.05b   Added details of Defeat You Enemy [U.S.] CD
Added European CD of "If Love Was Like Guitars"
Added 10-inch of "I Still Want You"
2.05   Added U.S. CD Arista ARCD 8202. How could we have missed this one???
Corrected and added some details on "You Must be Prepared to Dream"
Added This Way Up's aborted release of "These Are the Days"
Added 7-inch single for "If Love Was like Guitars"
Minor date change on "Great Dreams of Heaven" (added July)
Added "Great Dreams of Heaven" 7-inch and CS on This Way Up
REMOVED "Great Dreams of Heaven" 7-inch on Way Cool. Does it exist?
Added "Tracks from Truth And Beauty" WAY 555
Additions to versions of "(I Go) My Own Way"
Corrected/added dates for Merseybeast and related singles
Added "I'm Game" 7-inch
Added Merseybeast LP. This was listed in Record Collector. For some reason no one noticed that it was missing.
2.04b   Moved VTO1 to the top (1984) based on label statements.
Added scan of VTO1
2.04   Added may items, including "Cauldron of Love" 12-inch
7-inch Fat Cat 001
7-inch "Don't Put Your Spell On Me" gatefold
7-inch "Merseybeast" gatefold
7-inch Sampling Above the Rest V/A
Beggars RSVP (21)
Moved "Sounds Showcase" to the Various Artists section.
2.03b 23 February 1999 Added/corrected several times
Added some graphics
Added artist specification in V/A section so that either Ian McNabb or Icicle Works is now specified in description of release.
2.03   Added many new timings and corrections.
Added a few promo items, and details on several of the V/A items.
2.02 13 February 1999 Added lots of timings for singles
Added a couple of V/A CDs.
2.01   Most of the grahics were added
Updated "These are the Days" 12-inch
Added Mojo Magazine Jan 1999 sampler.
2.00b   Details and graphics added to "Little Princess" CD Single
2.00a   Added/corrected many timings. Thanks to C.K. Leong.
Added "Great Dreams" 12-inch
Added WAY 4999 promo
Added Wienerworld cassette of Rock the World V/A
Other small changes
2.00 12 January 1999 Complete re-design
Split into three separate parts
Added graphical menus, titles, and links
Added "Little Princess" EP
1.25b 2 January 1999 More graphics added
1.25 30 December 1998 Changed color-scheme to purple Emotional Party style
1.24c 29 December 1998 Added mention of 1994 Mercury Prize
1.24b 8 December 1998 Added Peel Sessions
1.24   Added Emotional Party
  16 September 1998 Changed email address
  13 September 1998 Link to Zak Starkey page added
1.23f   Added info on "Motorcycle Rider" E100
1.23e   Added catalog number and info for cassette copy of Numb
1.23d   Minor changes to "Up Here in the North of England" and "Motorcycle Rider" etched 12-inch
1.23c   Added catalog numbers for several singles
1.23b   Added Vox Magazine and RCD Magazine V/A
1.23   Added more single information, including but not limited to
"Great Dreams of Heaven"
"Go Into The Light"
"My Own Way"
"You Must be Prepared to Dream"
"Seven Horses"
"Evangeline" (white label)
"Whisper to a Scream" [US]
and "Head Like a Rock" demo CD
Added Parr Street Studio info to Oct. '96 Demos entry
1.22b   Added more info on 2 meter sessies V/A
1.22   Added more Japanese catalog numbers plus 2 V/A CDs
1.21c   Added catalog numbers for Japanese McNabb albums
1.21b   Corrected track time on My Own Way: "You Stone My Soul"

Changes not recorded before version 1.21b.

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