31 Jan 2015

Ian on BBC Merseyside

Thanks to Phil Sparks for alerting us to the appearance of Ian on BBC Merseyside with Billy Butler. He chats with Billy, then plays Scott Walker's "Montague Terrace (in Blue)". He does a bit of Bob Dylan singing the Beatles. Then, he continues with a bit of a giggle about Sgt Bilko, and a plug for the Lomax gig. (See the gigs list below). Finishes up with The Icicle Works "High Time" dedicated to Helen. "Is there someone holding onto you?..." He mentions The Icicle Works gigs in the autumn, including O2 gig on 26 September.

23 Jan 2015

Upcoming gigs

There are a handful of gigs coming in the next month or so:

  • 01 February 2015 - Lomax, Liverpool, UK. . Ian McNabb, Lomax Gig, 2015
  • 25 April 2015 - Audio Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. Ian McNabb, Glasgow Gig, 2015

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In other news...

It seems that old t-shirt in the back of the wardrobe might be worth something: Blind 1988 t-shirt auction on eBay

30 nov 2014

the beast awakens

After over a year of sleeping, we're back at it. For those who may have wondered, I took a bit of a break from the fan page for personal reasons. I plan to be back for a bit, so doing some housecleaning. A few things need to be worked on.

Among the first is that this site is now on its way to being phone and tablet friendly. So check it out on your phone and please give feedback. As always, there's a backlog of discography corrections and additions, so please do contact me with those, particularly if I've missed something you sent in.

In fan news, blogger Richard Goff has a remembrance of 'Out of Season' on Surprisingly Bearable.

1 may 2013

eclectic warrior physical release

Ian's new album Eclectic Warrior is out, and physical copies have all be shipped for UK pledgers. Ian reports that they're now working on shipping for overseas pledgers, and hope to have it completed by the end of this week. Gig list updated, too.

16 mar 2013 (update 18 mar)

eclectic warrior digital release

Eclectic Warrior album cover
Eclectic Warrior

Starting Monday, the 18th, Eclectic Warrior will be available online for all pledgers at Pledge Music. Ian says there were some last minute mix decisions, so there's a real rush to get it out. All pledgers get ready!

Download now available online at Ian's Pledge Music page.

2 mar 2013

misc update

Eclectic Warrior album cover, early concept
Eclectic Warrior (early version)

So the 2013 Gigs are well on their way. What about the new album, Eclectic Warrior? Seems that Ian scheduled some time in a studio that promptly closed shop before he and the band were ready to record. Then, it was tough to find studio time in town as everything else was booked up. That said, once they got into the studio, they made the best of it, and as has been his style recently, he hit it hard and fast, and it's all pretty much said and done. Look for it to come soon. If you haven't reserved your copy as well as taken advantage of the exclusive goodies, head on over to Ian's Pledge Music page and sign up. You can pledge for as little as £8, and get an electronic copy of the album plus all the online swag. Just a little more and you can get the CD version. What a deal!

Several fans have been working to get old copies of the McNabb Rag and Camaraderie online. Look for more to appear soon.

Also note that as of 28 January, the Cherry Red re-release of Head Like a Rock is now available at fine retailers. This release comes with a 9-track bonus disc.